About Cogent People

Integrity, Trust, & Commitment to Excellence

At Cogent People, we remain true to our founding principles and pledge to consistently provide value beyond the obvious. We embrace the power of intellect and open-mindedness to provide forward-thinking IT and business services in the Data Innovation, Software Engineering, and System Integration domains. With our diverse, multicultural team of experts and the continuous involvement of executive leadership, we are fully committed to success in every engagement. 

Cogent People has established a reputation in the government contracting industry for exceeding expectations and providing long-lasting value, progressive solutions, and superior delivery and results. We are recognized for our integrity and commitment to excellence and have earned the appreciation, respect, and trust of both customers and partners for our visionary approach, strategic mindset, and operational excellence on every project. 

Our commitment to quality is corroborated in the company being appraised at Maturity Level 3 for Development and Services by the CMMI Institute. 

Our vision is to be the government’s partner of choice on projects that require exceptional vision, breadth of expertise, and the highest levels of performance. Cogent People empowers citizens through innovative technology that:​ 

  • Allows for efficient, intuitive collaboration with government​ 
  • Ensures secure governance of information​ 
  • Grows with the needs of government and constituents in an ever-changing world 

A team of persuasive and open-minded problem-solvers with a deep understanding of the challenges faced by government agencies.  

We have a knack for strategic thinking and visionary approaches. We use logic, evidence, and good old-fashioned reason to explain our ideas in a compelling manner. No jargon, just straight talk.

 We focus on solving your problems, not just throwing tech at them. We use our brains and expertise in varied subject matters to craft the right solution. 

We use our smarts to deliver cutting-edge IT and business services.  Our team is a diverse, multicultural group of experts with a leadership team who is always on hand, making sure every project is done right. 

We earn your trust and respect by delivering lasting value, innovative solutions, and top-notch results. We’re known for being honest, reliable, and dedicated to getting it done.