Stabilizing Enrollments With Marketplace System Integration 

System Stabilization & Integration for Streamlined Information Exchange Across Federal Agencies & Systems

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Cogent People provided post-launch system oversight and integration services for the Marketplace System Integrator (MSI) contract for Marketplace systems and components at the White House’s behest. 

Key Objectives  

Cogent People was engaged to stabilize the Health Insurance Marketplace immediately after the disastrous rollout of the Affordable Care Act system in 2013. Urgent goals included: 

  • Modernize architecture platforms 
  • Develop and communicate a unified vision for the Marketplace 
  • Bring siloed teams together by establishing integrated project team 
  • Establish processes to standardize software development life cycle (SDLC)

Key Accomplishments 

Cogent People coordinated systems integration, aligning concurrent projects and multiple vendors to Marketplace implementation goals that included:  

  • System functionality enhancements and issue resolution in initial system rollout to handle surge in enrollments 
  • Platform stabilization to ensure seamless processing of multiple open enrollments 
  • Implementation of nine key systems, including Marketplace Lite, State-Based Marketplace Integration, Financial Management, Vendor Management 
  • Development of Marketplace Data Strategy through engagements with the Marketplace CTO, CCIIO Executive Leadership, and MITG leadership 

Notable Outcomes 

Cogent People was recognized for the team’s efforts in effectively managing the crisis and proactively understanding and addressing business problems in order to provide: 

  • Stabilization of Federal Health Exchange: Met White House request to successfully roll out, handling surge from 29K enrollments in October 2013 to over 1M in December 2013 
  • Payment Processing Automation: Improved accuracy and efficiency by moving from manual to policy-based automated payments 
  • System Optimization: Reduced operational and data redundancies, as well as development, maintenance, and support costs 
  • Strategic Vision: Commended by leadership for completeness of proposed data strategy