Data Innovation Approach to Transform CMS DPI Data Landscape

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Cogent People delivered strategic data innovation services to the Data Portfolio Initiative (DPI), a key initiative for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) in support of improved data management for the Federally Facilitated Marketplace (FFM) under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). 

Key Objectives  

This project aimed to modernize data practices across the agency, aligning with the CMS Office of the Administrator’s strategy and informing the broader Data 2025 initiative. Goals included: 

  • Analyzing the data landscape and exploring ways to increase end user productivity, reduce data redundancy, and eliminate obsolete implementation patterns 
  • Improving data visibility, data accessibility, understanding, and interoperability of data assets within extremely complex and highly fragmented data ecosystem 
  • Developing a comprehensive Data Strategy and Implementation Roadmap to inform and guide the broader Data 2025 initiative 

Key Accomplishments 

Cogent People conducted a comprehensive review of similar efforts by CMS’ peers in the federal space, including the Department of Defense. To develop modernization recommendations, Cogent People: 

  • Collaborated with CMS visionaries to craft a comprehensive strategy for senior leadership 
  • Performed baseline-setting surveys, collected objective and quantifiable data, and gathered feedback within CMS to guide future data innovations 
  • Developed a Data Strategy, implementation plan, and roadmap 
  • Commended by CMS leadership for openness and willingness to listen and establish a new forum for collaboration 

Notable Outcomes 

Cogent People’s strategic innovation services helped steer development of an actionable data management program and included: 

  • Approach for Data Maturity: Implemented holistic, full-spectrum approach for data accountability, interoperability, efficiency, and reuse 
  • Data and Analytics Improvements: Proposal to maximize capabilities to improve outcomes for ~145 million beneficiaries 
  • Formal Data Governance: Developed and implemented foundation for Enterprise Governance Program