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Data Services Hub

Data Services Hub

Cogent People provided enterprise and solution architecture, software testing and operations support services on the Health Information Exchange (HIX), Data Services Hub (DSH) project, a critical component supporting the federal and state health marketplaces for the Affordable Care Act.

The DSH mediates the exchange of information and data between various marketplace systems, viz. the federal and state marketplaces, insurance providers, and federal agencies considered trusted data sources like the IRS, DHS, SSA, OPM, Peace Corps, Medicaid, and CHIP. Interactions between marketplace systems, and external systems including the trusted data sources were through SOAP based web services.

In the capacity of the technical architecture consultants, including the Chief Solutions Architect, we

  • Managed over 20 architects representing the Enterprise, Data, Security and Engineering domains for the project
  • Designed the hub architecture, web services framework, and support frameworks – Error Management and Reporting, Event, Partner Management, Credentials Management, Document Management
  • Defined Web Service Header and SLA guidelines for integration with trusted data sources (IRS, SSA, DHS, Peace Corps, OPM, Medicaid and CHIP agencies)
  • Designed and implemented the Enterprise File Transfer solution to exchange files between the federal and state marketplaces, and insurance companies

The data services hub was highlighted as a rare success story during the marketplace rollout by the CMS Administrator.