Cogent People

MIDCAP Engineering

MIDCAP Engineering

Cogent People provides Software Engineering services on the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Marketplace Integrated Data Collaboration and Analytics Platform (MIDCAP) Management contract. MIDCAP is an integrated data collaboration platform that aims to consolidate and streamline data operations in the Marketplace, improve data quality and timeliness, and support improved data analytics through improved tools and self-serve options. MIDCAP will allow CMS Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight (CCIIO) to determine the feasibility of its long-term data strategy vision through a careful evaluation of available technologies and services and implement minimum viable products (MVP) for the Enrollment Reconciliation and Plan Review, Certification & Approval business processes.

Cogent People performs the following core functions on this contract:

  • Perform alternatives analysis of modern technology platforms to overhaul and streamline CCIIO’s data operations
  • Develop a proof of concept using the highest-rated alternative and demonstrate its capabilities, key features, anticipated performance, and feasibility
  • Conduct project retrospectives and refine approach, communication and acknowledge what worked well and what did not
  • Build Minimum Viable Products (MVP) to demonstrate the following capabilities;
    • Design and maintain the data stores
    • Define and enforce data quality, integrity, access control and security rules for each data domain
    • Identify and agree on the data transmission protocol and integration patterns
    • Catalog technical and operational metadata
    • Enforce data retention and archival policies
    • Harmonize data by adhering elements to a pre-defined standard
    • Enrich data and create a single source of truth
    • Establish and maintain data lineage
    • Develop data consumption services to share data with consumers

Cogent People has received tremendous appreciation for its proactiveness and delivery of high-quality work products. The work products delivered to CMS Marketplace IT Group (MITG) were commended for completeness, accuracy, and high quality. Through our work on the CMS Marketplace System Integrator (MSI) project and our deep understanding of the CCIIO Data Strategy and Marketplace landscape, the Payment Policy and Financial Management Group (PPFMG) business stakeholders requested our team to help resolve operational issues within the CMS EDGE Server Recalibration data delivery interface. CCIIO values our inputs and specifically requested our team to lead the effort to develop a standard for documenting data dictionaries in the Marketplace.