Cogent People

OHS Management System

OHS Management System

Cogent People has been a trusted partner providing Information Technology (IT) consulting services for the Office of Head Start Monitoring System (OHSMS) and IT-Aligned Monitoring System (AMS) projects for OptumServe Technology Services, Inc. (Optum/Formerly QSSI) at the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).

Cogent People partnered with Optum to develop the technical proposal in 2015 and has ever since been a critical partner providing system maintenance and production operations support for OHSMS. Cogent People assumed a lead role during the transition-in period to avert a crisis that threatened to disrupt continuity of business operations when the outgoing contractor shutdown system operations. Cogent People helped plan and operationalize the system on alternate infrastructure within 30 days.

Following the DHHS decision to replace existing applications with new and improved systems, Cogent People provided competent support to design and build the replacement IT-AMS using the agile methodology.
The work on this project entailed analyzing the business requirements, designing, and building the replacement IT system using modern technologies, while maintaining the legacy OHSMS application. Following the successful implementation of the IT-AMS system, the legacy OHSMS application was sunset, and we assumed production support responsibilities for the new system.

Cogent People has competently supported the OSHMS and IT-AMS projects in the following capacities:

  • Corrective and adaptive maintenance of OHSMS
  • Production support and Tier 2 helpdesk support for OHSMS
  • Testing support for OHSMS
  • Design, development and testing support for IT-AMS
  • Technical writing support for IT-AMS
  • Production support for IT-AMS

Cogent People has provided professional, qualified, and experienced personnel through the entire engagement. Our ability to staff the project on short notice, and flexibility to provide personnel on part-time basis during periods of budget constraints was noted and appreciated.